3 Great Career Opportunities After Taking Title Insurance Courses Online

Are you looking for an ever-present career that engages your social and analytical skills? If so, a career in title insurance is perfect for you. With that said, what career is right for you, and where do you begin? Bob Brooks School offers title insurance courses online in a convenient and engaging format that accelerates your learning wherever you are in life. Explore three great career opportunities after completing your title insurance education online.

Title Agent

Completing title insurance courses gives you the opportunity to become a title agent. The primary responsibility of a title agent is to research public records and historical documents to ensure a successful property transfer.

Despite its research focus, the role is people-orientated. Title agents work with homebuyers, sellers, and other real estate professionals to guide them through the title process.

Insurance Adjuster

Another path after taking title insurance courses online is becoming an insurance adjuster. When someone files a claim, an insurance adjuster assesses the damages and determines its settlement. There are multiple forms of insurance adjusters whose goals differ by the client they represent. Here are the main three types of insurance adjusters:

  • In-house adjuster: Insurance companies employ these adjusters to fairly reward claims without overcharging the insurers.
  • Independent adjuster: Typically self-employed, these adjusters are contracted out by insurers to handle claims.
  • Public adjuster: If a policy owner feels they’ve received an unfair settlement from an insurer, they can hire a public adjuster. These adjusters work in the client’s best interest to award an appropriate settlement.

Title Attorney

Taking title insurance courses online is an excellent way for attorneys to expand their services. Title attorneys are typically unaffiliated with a title company. Instead, they represent buyers or sellers transferring property. What sets title attorneys apart is their ability to advise their clients legally. They can rewrite or correct legal documents without needing to seek outside counsel. 

Begin Your Title Insurance Courses Online Today!

Whether you’re aiming to become a title agent or a seasoned attorney seeking to broaden your practice, online title insurance courses are the essential first step to advance your career. A profession in title insurance offers fulfilling work and the chance to assist others.

For the past fifty years, Bob Brooks School has been launching careers for professionals like yourself. Our fully online courses are designed to accommodate any lifestyle and learning preference. Give us a call at 225-292-7277 or reach out online to initiate your title insurance courses. We eagerly await your contact!

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