5 Ways a Bob Brooks School Education Helps Real Estate Professionals

If you’re a real estate professional or plan to become one, you want every available advantage to help you succeed. That’s why the Bob Brooks School courses are designed with the needs of today’s real estate agents in mind. And that includes providing the education you need to excel in the field. But our courses also help those in real estate meet their professional requirements and sharpen their skills. So, when you’re looking for a real estate CE class near you in Lafayette, Bob Brooks School gives you the courses you need and much more. Find out about the many benefits that a Bob Brooks School education provides. And learn about some of the expected and unexpected advantages it can bring you. 

How a Bob Brooks School Education Assists Today’s (and Tomorrow’s) Real Estate Professionals

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Lafayette or any other part of Louisiana—when you’re looking for a real estate CE class near you, Bob Brooks School can help. Here are five benefits a Bob Brooks School education brings to real estate pros. 

  1. A Variety of Courses. Bob Brooks School offers courses that are useful for real estate professionals and future real estate professionals at each stage in their careers. This includes pre-licensing courses that prepare students for the state licensing exam. In addition, we offer real estate post-licensing courses and real estate CE courses to help professionals meet their state requirements.
  2. Learn From Virtually Anywhere. Because Bob Brooks School offers online courses, you can learn from nearly any location that has internet access. This can cut down on the amount of time you would otherwise spend commuting and searching for parking spaces. Just log in from your device and start learning wherever you may be.
  3. Lessons From an Experienced Instructor. The Bob Brooks School has a proven record of almost 50 years of success in adult education. And your instructor, Brent Lancaster, has more than 15 years of experience teaching online. He is also a licensed real estate broker in Louisiana.
  4. Study at Your Own Pace. Whether you want to get your real estate license or are a professional seeking post-licensing or CE courses, life can get pretty busy. But Bob Brooks School helps with quality lessons that let you study at your own pace. Our courses are flexible, allowing you to set a schedule that works for you. If you prefer more of a structured format, check out our On-Live™ classes that are live-streamed and do not require an end-of-course assessment.  
  5. Additional Resources. In addition to the quality real estate courses Bob Brooks School provides, we also offer valuable resources for our students. Brent Presents, hosted by Brent Lancaster, covers topics that are relevant to today’s professionals. This podcast includes interviews with professionals in fields such as real estate, law, hospitality, and more.

When You’re Searching for a Real Estate CE Class Near You in Lafayette or Elsewhere in Louisiana, Choose Bob Brooks School

Now that you know how Bob Brooks School helps real estate professionals succeed, it’s time to take the next steps in your professional journey. Get in touch with us by calling 225-292-7277 or contacting us online. We’re always ready to help with any questions you may have.

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