The Importance of Dressing Well

Our job is to guide you through your next insurance license course. But we also feel that it is our responsibility to provide you with tips for your upcoming career. So let’s talk about clothes. Of course, when it comes to business, everyone vaguely knows to “dress to impress.” But do they really know why? Before you begin your insurance license course, discover why it’s important to dress well. And learn how to use it to your advantage in the field. 

Clients Take You More Seriously

Although skills ensure you do your job right and effectively, this industry is a two-way street. So even if you have the right skills and say everything right, there’s still the possibility that your interactions could fall flat. And this could simply be because you aren’t conveying the right mood. Dressing properly is the big key in these interactions. 

Did you know that people make assumptions about others within the first seven seconds of meeting someone? While we all may want to say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” our minds still tend to work in a certain way. If you begin a new interaction disheveled and dressed down, a client may not take you seriously. That’s why it’s important to dress appropriately for your job and to keep your appearance nice and tidy. 

It Puts You in the Right Mindset

The way we dress impacts how we react and apply ourselves as well. According to Business Insider, a study showed that those wearing business attire thought of more big-picture ideas. However, their counterparts thought more of smaller, less important details. 

Being in the right mindset also helps you perform your job more effectively. Dressing right, you feel more confident and powerful, providing the drive to do a better job. So not only does business attire help you in your interactions, but also with your work efforts. 

Ready to Begin Your Insurance License Course?

Are you looking for more information that could be helpful for your career? Look through our blog or tune in to our podcast, Brent Presents. In the latter, our instructor, Brent Lancaster, shares the knowledge he has collected to help you be better in your own career. Why? Because at Bob Brooks School, we invest in your success! Let’s all do our part to ensure you have a well-rounded education and career.

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