Helpful CE Courses In New Orleans For Real Estate Agents

New Orleans is a high-paced, metropolitan city that grows with more people every single day. Because of that, you’ve got a busy life as a real estate agent. So busy that it’s often difficult to find the time to take your continuing education courses. And it’s not as if you can avoid those—they’re required by the state! But who can find the time to go out and take CE classes? Well, who says you need to go anywhere? With the help of Bob Brooks School, you can take your courses online from the comfort of your home. Make your life a little easier and receive helpful CE courses in New Orleans for real estate agents.

What Are The CE Requirements for LA Real Estate Agents In New Orleans?

The Louisiana Real Estate Commission requires that all licensees complete 12 hours of coursework each year. Additionally, this coursework must include any LREC mandatory topics. Twelve hours may not seem like a lot compared to the pre-licensing and post-licensing education you received, but as a busy individual, it’s hard to find the time to go to class. You need a school that can work on your time!

How Bob Brooks School Can Help You Meet Your CE Requirements

What if instead of sacrificing time from your busy schedule, you can get your education whenever you please? Bob Brooks School is an entirely online school. Our traditional online CE courses are user-friendly, flexible to your schedule, and thorough. Let us help you save valuable time!

Register For Our CE Courses In New Orleans

It shouldn’t be a hassle to complete your Louisiana real estate continuing education. Do yourself a favor and complete it online with Bob Brooks School. Register for our online courses today! Don’t want to take any tests? Try our On-Live web stream courses instead! Either way, you’ll get a full Bob Brooks School experience and leave with practical information you can use immediately.

If you have any questions for us before you begin, please contact us online or call 225.292.7277. We look forward to seeing you excel!

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