How to NOT Become a Good Real Estate Agent in Mississippi

We’ve told you time and time again how to become a real estate agent, the process that goes into it, the education that you need, and more. But how do you NOT become a good real estate agent in Mississippi? The professionals at the Bob Brooks School have a few things for you to keep in mind as you continue your journey through the real estate industry. 

What You Should Avoid

Every real estate agent is different. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you continue your work and education.

Don’t have hard feelings. 

Sometimes things fall through. Maybe a buyer pulled out, perhaps something happened with the market, or maybe you made one small slip up. Either way, you can’t control everything. It’s best to just go with the flow and be okay with errors and mistakes happening. And besides, it’ll help you be more relaxed in your daily life when these issues do arise.

Avoid being a creature of habit.

As humans, many of us tend to be stuck in our ways. However, the real estate industry is constantly changing and shifting with trends and new laws being approved. Because of this, it’s important that we are always on top of world news and other events so we can change with the tide.

Don’t sit back and relax.

Of course, we don’t mean you should constantly work. Taking the necessary time to rest is essential to physical and professional wellness. However, you shouldn’t sit back and wait for the business to come. One point of the real estate industry is that everyone is doing their part to get their business going. So you need to do the same and promote not only your services but yourself to your potential clients.

Avoid promises you can’t keep.

Some real estate agents think that they can tell their clients what they want to hear, even if it gets them in trouble later. However, this is a bad practice. The secret to keeping your customers and potential clients happy is by being honest with them. A client would rather you tell them “no,” than for you to agree and take your word back later. And don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know,” because you can always find out the answer later! 

Looking to Become a Real Estate Agent in Mississippi?

If you’re looking for more info on how to become a better real estate agent, feel free to get in contact with us or tune in to our podcast. Our podcast, Brent Presents, is full of nearly two decades of insight and knowledge from our instructor, Brent Lancaster! Here, you’re sure to find useful information you can use in your work.

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