Expectations for Online Insurance Adjuster Continuing Education

In recent years, we have seen more and more things turn virtual to keep up with these changing times. People are have realized now more than ever the benefits of online learning. This rings especially true for professionals with tight schedules who need flexibility with courses. However, despite the convenience, online insurance adjuster continuing education might feel unfamiliar and stressful. Hopefully, as you learn more about online insurance adjuster continuing education, your uncertainty will transform into confidence. Bob Brooks School is more than happy to help explain what you should expect from an online insurance adjuster continuing education course. 

Meeting State Requirements With Online Insurance Adjuster Continuing Education Options

One of the main reasons insurance adjuster continuing education is necessary is because of the Louisiana state requirements. Insurance adjuster continuing education is required for resident insurance adjusters, which includes insurance adjusters that designate Louisiana as their home state for licensing. You must complete 24 hours of continuing education every two years. Three hours must be in ethics continuing education. 

Here at Bob Brooks School, we offer the Louisiana Insurance Adjuster 24-hour Package. You’ll have a 30-day subscription period to complete this course. It includes: 

  • Ethics & Consumer Protection (3 hrs)
  • Agent Responsibility & Due Care (4 hrs)
  • Flood Insurance (3 hrs)
  • Commercial Property (3 hrs)
  • Homeowners (3 hrs)
  • Insurance Principles (5 hrs)
  • Personal Auto (4 hrs)

However, if you don’t need the entire package, you can buy the individual course you require. These courses start as low as $15. Bob Brooks school is proud to work with students to get their professional needs met to help them excel in their field. 

Expect Flexibility 

There are many great benefits of switching to online courses for your insurance adjuster continuing education. But, one of the greatest advantages is flexibility. With a busy schedule, it may be difficult to complete those hours. Luckily, online insurance adjuster continuing education courses have the amazing ability to work with your schedule rather than against it. Many of our students switched to online insurance adjuster continuing education courses for this very reason. You can learn from the comfort of your own home or while on business trips. No longer will you have to worry and schedule around your insurance adjuster continuing education with online options. When it comes to completing your requirements, you’re the boss of your own schedule. 

Working with your schedule may help you focus on the materials in the course. Before, you have been trying not to let your mind wander to whatever was put on hold to attend in person. By utilizing the flexibility of online courses, you can focus all your attention on staying up to date with the information in your field.

Want to Enroll in Online Insurance Adjuster Continuing Education? 

Are you ready to take advantage of an online insurance adjuster continuing education? Bob Brook School is here to help. Our students have been happy with their experience learning with us, and you could enjoy those advantages too! We are passionate about meeting your expectations and giving you what you deserve! If you have questions, please call 225-292-7277 or contact us online. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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