Getting Your Insurance License at Home in Louisiana

As life returns to normal, you may have noticed your schedule filling up rapidly. You want to get an insurance license in Louisiana, but you may simply not have time available to dedicate to the mandatory classroom hours. Fortunately for you, Bob Brooks School offers the remedy to your problem with online insurance education in Louisiana. Learn how to get your insurance license in Louisiana on your schedule with Bob Brooks School. 

What Are the Licensing Requirements for Louisiana?

Before you sign up for any classes, you need to know what requirements you need to fill to become licensed in Louisiana. The Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDOI) states that individuals are required to take a pre-licensing course before taking the exam and must do so within a year of completion of the course. Bob Brooks School offers an online alternative with our insurance pre-licensing courses. These LDOI approved courses include comprehensive videos of presentations and study aid quizzes. If you are still wondering why so many pursue their insurance license online in Louisiana—there are plenty of reasons! But let’s take a look at two popular motivators. 

Online Insurance License Courses in Louisiana Give You the Control

Bob Brooks School’s flexible course allows you to be the boss of your education by giving you the ability to set your schedule. Individuals with highly scheduled routines may fit the course hours into their schedules without disruption. You have the option to squeeze in a presentation here and there or set aside a few hours to cruise through a large section. Learning what works best for you might take a little time at first, but should become more clear as you progress. In traditional classroom settings, you are given one set schedule, and you need to make it work or suffer the consequences. 

Learn At the Speed You Need

One issue with traditional classrooms is the inability to cater to every student’s learning speed. Some students may feel rushed and overwhelmed, while others require a rapid pace to remain engaged and focused. Personalized learning through online education has revolutionized the learning process. No matter what speed you learn, online insurance license courses in Louisiana can match your rhythm. For example, you can pause presentations to write notes, without worrying about holding up the class or missing anything. The stronger your educational foundation is, the stronger your start in insurance. 

Start Getting Your Insurance License In Louisiana Online With Us

Bob Brooks School has helped professionals achieve their goals for over 47 years. We pride ourselves on helping our students get started on their professional journey and beyond with our CE courses. If you want to enroll in an online insurance pre-licensing course, please check out our selection of courses. You can call us at 225-292-7277 or message us online if you have questions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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