After Your Online Insurance CE Course: Career Path Opportunities

Are you a licensed insurance agent who is curious about the career opportunities available to you? Discover the potential paths a new and aspiring insurance professional can take after obtaining their license. And with the added knowledge you can learn through an online insurance CE course from Bob Brooks School, you can develop the competitive edge you need to advance your career. Let’s explore the benefits of online continuing education for insurance agents and what exciting career paths you can pursue.

How Can an Online CE Course Lead to Better Job Opportunities?

Professional development through continuing education can be an excellent way for agents to stand out in new career opportunities. In these courses, agents learn about industry trends, improve customer service and marketing techniques, and develop new strategies to increase sales. In addition, they can gain a higher understanding of legal regulations, financial fundamentals, and other topics related to their field of insurance. These advancements help set agents apart as they apply for jobs or promotions.

Completing your online insurance CE course takes your knowledge to new levels. And, it demonstrates a commitment to staying up-to-date on developments in the field and furthering your professional growth. Ultimately, taking CE courses helps insurance agents remain competitive in the job market by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

What Online Insurance CE Course is Right for You?

At Bob Brooks School, we offer continuing education packages to fit your field of insurance. Choose from Life & Health CE, Property & Casualty CE, or a combined package. In addition to these packages, we also have additional continuing education courses available for title insurance agents and insurance adjusters.

There are many benefits of taking your CE courses online. You can set your own pace and class schedule with each convenient online insurance CE course. And, this allows you to take your courses in an environment that is most comfortable for you, like your home or a coffee shop. Our classes give you the freedom to pause and pick your course back up right where you left off, no matter where you are. And if you have any questions or concerns, your instructor is just an email away.

Top Career Opportunities for New Insurance Agents

You may be wondering what comes after completing your insurance pre-licensing education, passing your licensing exam, and receiving your license. There are countless career opportunities available for licensed insurance agents!

Insurance Sales Agent

An insurance sales agent typically works for an insurance company or agency and sells insurance policies to individuals or organizations. Their responsibilities include: 

  • Identifying potential clients.
  • Explaining policy features and benefits.
  • And helping clients select policies that meet their specific needs.

Insurance sales agents also assist clients with claims and policy changes, and they may be responsible for maintaining records and tracking policy renewals. 

Insurance Investigators

An insurance investigator researches suspicious claims to determine whether they are fraudulent or legitimate. They typically work for insurance companies or private investigative firms. Regular duties include conducting interviews, gathering evidence, and analyzing information to assess the validity of claims. With their knowledge of state and federal laws related to insurance fraud, insurance investigators identify fraudulent claims and work with law enforcement agencies to prosecute those who engage in insurance fraud.

Insurance Claim Adjusters

An insurance claim adjuster is responsible for evaluating insurance claims and determining the compensation that should be paid to policyholders who have suffered losses or damages. They typically work for an insurance company or as independent contractors. Regular job duties include reviewing policy details, conducting investigations, gathering documentation, and assessing the extent of damages or losses. Adjusters determine the validity of claims and negotiate settlements with policyholders, ensuring claims are settled fairly following policy terms.

Insurance Brokers

An insurance broker acts as a bridge between insurance companies and customers. They assess the insurance needs of their clients and research policies from multiple insurance companies. With the findings from this research, they can present options that meet their client’s specific needs and budgets. 

Insurance brokers also provide advice on the best insurance options available. And, they assist with the application process and obtaining coverage. They typically work on behalf of their clients rather than insurance companies, and they may receive a commission from insurance companies for the policies they sell.

Take the First Step and Complete Your Online Insurance Education

As you pursue your career in the insurance industry, don’t forget about your continuing education requirements. Not only can taking an online insurance CE course help you meet your licensing requirements, but it can also give you the competitive edge you need to further your career in the industry!

Whether you are beginning your pre-licensing education or searching for an online insurance CE course, Bob Brooks School has the education you need for success. Contact us today by calling 225-292-7277 or sending us a message. We’d love to share more about our programs and help you find the right courses to elevate your insurance career.

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