Are You Late On Your Online Insurance Continuing Education?

Louisiana insurance agents, no matter their field of expertise, are required to complete continuing education courses (CE) biannually. While two years may sound like plenty of time to finish your hours, you may still find yourself scrambling to meet your requirements before the deadline. Bob Brooks School is here to assist you in maintaining your insurance license! Let us help you understand your requirements for insurance CE in the state of Louisiana. And, we’ll step you through what happens if you don’t complete your online insurance continuing education and renewal on time.

Let’s Start by Looking at What You Need to Maintain Your License

If you are a resident of Louisiana, you are required by the Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI) to complete approved continuing education hours to successfully renew your license. Your requirements vary depending on your particular license. If you are a licensed insurance adjuster, you must complete 24 continuing education hours, including a three-hour ethics course. Bail bond producers are required to finish 12 hours, with six focussed on bail enforcement. Likewise, title producers must complete 12 hours with two hours studying consumer financial protection. Finally, insurance agents in the lines of property, casualty, life, health and accident, or personal lines are required to complete 24 hours of insurance CE.

Producers and adjusters renew their licenses every other year before the last day of their birth month. The last digit of your insurance license number determines if you will renew during even-numbered years or odd-numbered years. In addition to completing CE hours, specific fees are required for renewal. For producers, fees range from $50 to $300 depending on how many lines are on your license. The adjuster renewal fee is $50 for all lines. If either adjusters or producers file late, they will have an additional $50 late penalty fee.

What Happens If You Miss Your Deadline?

Complete your online insurance continuing education and file your renewal to maintain your license. If you do not meet these standards, this will result in the cancellation of your license. Licensees may also choose specific lines on their license to not renew, in turn canceling them as well. An initial license application may be completed within two years to reissue your lines. But if more than two years pass, you must take your full pre-licensing courses and examination again.

Take Online Insurance Continuing Education With Bob Brooks

While continuing education classes may feel redundant, it is important to remember that the field of insurance is ever-changing. These courses help you to stay updated with new trends and information as they become available. Find LDI-approved courses at Bob Brooks School to stay on top of your insurance CE requirements! Our online insurance continuing education allows you to find all you need to maintain your license in a setting and schedule that works for you. Give us a call at 1-800-448-5693 for more information about our courses. Or, send us a message through our website. We’ll help you access all of the CE hours you need to maintain your license!

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