The Pros and Cons of Online Insurance CE Courses

For those trying to complete their insurance continuing education requirements, you may be faced with two options—traditional or online insurance CE courses. Both options deserve thoughtful considerations over which is the right learning experience for the individual. This is especially true for those with little or no experience with online education. So, before you rush into a decision, it would be wise to consider all the factors. If you are curious about possibly completing your insurance continuing education online, Bob Brooks School has organized a list of pros and cons for your convenience. 

The Downside of Online Insurance Continuing Education

Although many have found online education to be a positive experience, this is not always universally shared. Of course, some of this is due to outlying factors such as the quality of educators or personal situations. But for those who do not thrive in virtual learning courses, there tend to be a few common causes. 

  • Lack of interaction and connection. One common thread with those who dislike online learning is a feeling of disconnect from their instructor. However, you can resolve this by reaching out or asking questions about the material. 
  • Lack of structure. Another common downside for those who dislike online learning is the flexibility of the course. Every student’s success is determined by their ability to self-motivate and keep up with the material. The less responsible individuals are, the less likely they are to succeed. 
  • More risk for distractions. While many thrive in online learning due to the ability to create an area where they can work without interference, some may struggle to set boundaries with themselves and the people around them while working. It is exceptionally vital to establish a distraction-free area. 

The Benefits of Online Insurance Education Courses

In recent years, the rise of online education options for remote learning has become commonplace. However, many are still reluctant to see all the great benefits of online education. If you are still on the fence about the topic, here are a few reasons this education path has become so common. 

  • Independence and flexibility. For those with a packed schedule, the ability to create a course schedule that caters to your routine can be a game changer. The flexibility of online education can streamline your routine, while traditional education creates roadblocks. 
  • Personalized pace. Another reason many thrive in online education is the ability to set your own pace for the course. You no longer have to adhere to the average rate of your classmates. Online learning allows you to speed up or slow down as you desire. 

Interested in Online Insurance Continuing Education

For those looking to complete their online insurance CE requirements, look no further than Bob Brooks School. We offer courses on a variety of insurance fields for Louisiana CE recruitments. Please call (225) 292-7277 or send us a message online with any questions. It’s time to take CE education virtually!

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