What Our Online Real Estate Agent School Can Offer You

No matter if it’s due to recent events or if it’s a long time coming—sometimes all we need in our lives is a change. However, sometimes we may not know how to make that change. If you’re looking for a new career in real estate, we are here to help you. We invest in your success, so we do the most to ensure you have the best education possible. If you want to become a real estate agent, get the help you need from our online school.

How Do I Become a Real Estate Agent?

Becoming a real estate agent is a lot easier than people may think! There are some criteria you must fit first, however. In both Louisiana and Mississippi, an applicant must first be at least 18 years old, a resident of the state before completing the application, pass the exam, and have proof of working under a broker. The only difference is that in Louisiana, you must provide proof of error and omissions insurance and complete 90 hours of pre-licensing courses. Mississippi only requires 60 hours. 

Once you finish your education, it’s time for your exam. Schedule, pay for this test, and show up on time to the right location. Once you have a passing score and have gone through a background check, you’re officially a real estate agent! But our school is still here to help at this point. Make sure to keep up with your post-licensing and continuing education to keep your license valid.

What Does Bob Brooks School Offer Me?

As we said before, we invest in your success. Because of that, we offer as much high-quality education as possible.

Currently, Bob Brooks School offers online courses in real estate pre-licensing for both Louisiana and Mississippi. Approved by both the LREC and MREC, our online courses are available anywhere, at any time, because they’re prerecorded for your convenience. If you aren’t sure if this is for you, feel free to sign up for your first six lessons for free (seven for Mississippi)! We want to be the right choice for you. 

Once you finish your pre-licensing education, we also offer post-licensing and continuing education so you can get all your schooling done in one reliable place. 

Besides traditional education, our instructor, Brent Lancaster, also provides fantastic educational content with our podcast, Brent Presents. Tune in and find out more information about how to make yourself a better real estate agent.

Join Our Real Estate Agent School Today

The education you receive from our online school lets you take charge of your career and change your life with a new job as a real estate agent. Because we are entirely online, you can receive your education from anywhere with a WiFi connection, making things easier than ever. 

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