Resume Building Tips From A Real Estate School In Baton Rouge

There is a misconception that real estate agents work for themselves. However, real estate agents are licensed salespersons and must work under a broker. To find the right broker experienced agents, as well as new ones, need to create a winning resume. But where do you begin? What should be included? We’ve included some tips for building a stellar resume from our professional real estate school team in Baton Rouge. 

Start With An Outline

Having a general direction is a great place to start. Think about what sections you want to include. Usually, resume sections tend to focus on skills, education, achievements, and experience. Setting up an outline makes building your resume a lot more digestible of a task.

And, of course, you’ll want to add your name at the top. Right under your name, be sure to include your phone number, address (or just city), email, and your LinkedIn account handle. If you haven’t made one yet, be sure to create a LinkedIn account so employers can view your professional achievements! LinkedIn has become a standard part of the professional networking process so it is vital to have a good presence.

Adding In The Content

Some people choose to include an objective under their name and primary contact information. This section is optional, but many people choose to use it when the objective is tailored for the job position they are applying for. An objective that is short and to the point is best since the “meat” of your resume will be shown in the experience and skills section of your resume. 

Next, you’ll want to choose to place your skills, experience, and education in an order that feels right to you. For education, list two to three of your most recent schools or certifications, with the most recent being on top. For example, you’d list your pre-licensing education at Bob Brooks, then any applicable colleges, career schools, or high school. 

Another section that needs to be represented on your resume is experience. This section will make up the bulk of your resume. Similar to education, you’ll start with the most recent position with the dates listed alongside. Underneath each listing needs to be a list or short description of your duties and successes in the position. And if you’re new to the field? That’s not a problem. There are a number of ways to spruce up any resume. You can shift the focus to your skills or list relevant positions or roles that prove you’ll be a great agent. Either way, hope is never lost!

You’ll also want to include your skillset. You may have more valuable skills than you’d think. It’s valuable to list skills that make you stand out or would make you the perfect fit for the job. For example, computer skills, adaptability, foreign languages, or creativity are great skills to include. Be sure to be honest, but don’t list everything. List what you see as relevant to the job position. 

Clean Things Up

Once everything is fleshed out, the next step is to make sure everything is clear and correct. The perfect blend of eye-catching and professional formatting ensures your future employer won’t overlook you. And with each new application, adjust your resume accordingly. With a personalized cover letter and the use of specific keywords, brokers will see that you’re serious about the job opportunity.

Begin Your Experience With Our Real Estate School In Baton Rouge

Ready to add more education to your resume? Sign up for Bob Brooks real estate courses. Please give us a call at 225.292.7277 or send a message online. We’re happy to help because at Bob Brooks, we invest in your success!

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