Take Your Online Real Estate Classes On-Live™

It’s time to take your continuing education (CE) classes. But who has the time?It’s difficult to find time to apply to courses, commute there, sit in class, and then commute home.Leave behind the days of physical classrooms and complete your CE On-Live!

We know there are some individuals who prefer the aspects of a live classroom as well as the comfort of their home. Luckily, we’ve gone above and beyond and created the best of both worlds: On-Live™. Discover more from the professionals at Bob Brooks School!

What Is On-Live™?

Bob Brooks is the go-to school for online courses. We realized that some of our students like seeing a live instructor who answers questions in real-time. So—because our primary concern is the success of our students—we created On-Live™.

With On-Live™, students attend courses from wherever they wish and stream it directly to their laptop or tablet. But exactly how are these better than traditional real estate classes in a physical classroom?

Live Online Classes vs. Physical Classes

If On-Live™ courses are just like physical classes except online, why take them? 

The appealing thing about online courses for many is the fact that you can take them from wherever you choose. While On-Live™ courses are scheduled, they are still presented online via our live webstream. This cuts out a ton of time spent commuting to and from classes midday. Baton Rouge traffic is no joke!

Additionally, these courses are instructed by Brent Lancaster in real-time, so you can ask questions in real-time and get immediate answers. But do you know the greatest part about On-Live™? There’s no final exam! Once you complete your courses, that’s it. Your attendance throughout the class guarantees you your CE credit. Bob Brooks School will send you a certification and report your hours to the LREC.

All in all, On-Live™ courses are the best option for those who love the idea of an online course but still want the feel of being in a classroom. The time you’ll save is just the cherry on top.

Take Your Real Estate Classes With Bob Brooks

Make sure to keep up with our On-Live™ schedule to see when our next real estate CE classes start. To answer any questions you have about our On-Live™ classes, please call us at 225.292.7277 or send us a message online. We’re ready to help you navigate your education.

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