The Cost Of Getting A Real Estate License In Mississippi

We’re all trying to save money here and there. Knowing prices beforehand and making affordable choices are ways we manage our expenses. Doing the same when it comes to our education is no different. At Bob Brooks School, we pride ourselves on our MREC approved courses that don’t cost the student an arm and a leg. Save money and get the best education when you choose our Mississippi online real estate school.

The Costs At Bob Brooks

Many other real estate schools offer their classes that cost thousands of dollars! That’s far too expensive. We currently have classes available at reasonable prices, no matter your education needs.

  • Pre-licensing. If you’re new to the field, you are required to complete an approved pre-licensing course. At our school, the price for this course is $189. On the other hand, if you are already a licensed salesperson and looking to get your broker’s license, you’ll need our broker pre-licensing course. Our current deal for this course is a steal at only $199.
  • Post-licensing. At the current time, our Mississippi post-licensing course is only available for salespersons. After you obtain your license, you have one year to complete your post-licensing education. Our course is currently $98 and has a 30-day subscription period. Sign up today!
  • Continuing Education. We like to offer our students a choice wherever we can—that’s why our CE students can either enroll in our 16-hour package or in individual courses. Our individual courses range between $20-$50. Our 16-hour package is $85 and includes everything you need for your renewal. 

At Bob Brooks School, we want only the best for our students—whether that be price, course content, dedicated instructors, or anything else! Get your education from the best Mississippi online real estate school to become the best real estate agent possible.

The Price Of Applying For Your License

After your pre-licensing education, there are two things to consider: the application fee and the exam fee. The application is $120 and can be found from the MREC. If you’ve ever applied for a job before, filling this out is easy. After, the signatures from your recommendations need to be notarized. Depending on the notary, each signature costs between $2-$20. However, most will cost about $15 per document.  

There’s also the price of the exam itself to consider. The real estate exam comes in two parts—a state and national portion. No matter if you take both or just one portion, the test fee is $75. Retakes are also $75. These fees are non-refundable and expire after one year of registration.

So What’s The Total Cost?

Your entire education (with one round of CE courses) and the cost of the exam itself ends up being around $582. Do yourself a favor and enroll in our Mississippi online real estate school today!

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