3 Common Online Continuing Education Real Estate Mistakes

It can be easy for those unfamiliar with online education to fall victim to common missteps during an online course. Bob Brooks School’s online education experts have noticed a few common mistakes preventing students from achieving their fullest potential. Avoid these three common mistakes during your online continuing education real estate course in Louisiana. 

1. Never Procrastinate During Your Online CE Course

Maintaining a schedule is vital for those looking to find success with their online continuing education course for real estate in Louisiana. In fact, the flexibility and freedom of online education inspire many professionals to complete their continuing education requirements for real estate virtually. Controlling your course schedule allows you to work with your free time instead of disturbing your busy schedule.  


However, procrastination can become a slippery slope when students don’t follow the schedule they create. Avoiding the list of assignments can quickly become overwhelming and force a hasty makeup plan. Students rushing through the material will likely absorb a fraction of the information and risk failure. 

2. Eliminate Distractions From Your Workspace

Traditional classrooms can be filled with distractions as students try their best to focus. From noisy classmates to distracting environments, achieving a distraction-free classroom can be impossible. Unfortunately, these settings can make it difficult to concentrate on the material. 


Online courses give students freedom from distraction! Just as students can create their course schedules, they can also establish the perfect study space for their unique needs. Students can access online courses anywhere with an internet connection. So, creating a quiet area that encourages focus and productivity should be a priority for online courses. 


Each student has their own preferences on what they need from a workspace. According to a survey conducted by Texas State University, more than 85% of individuals polled preferred to work alone. Students should be honest with what works best for them and avoid what doesn’t. 

3. Never Multitask While Completing Your Continuing Education Real Estate Requirements in Louisiana

Individuals may consider multitasking during their online continuing education real estate course in Louisiana. Pressing pause on a busy schedule can be difficult for many professionals. However, splitting their focus between the course and other tasks can be a huge mistake. For example, responding to emails while your course videos play makes it easy to miss helpful information. 


If the temptation of your inbox or checking your phone is hard to ignore, we recommend silencing your phone and computer notifications. Don’t make it easy for distractions to grab your attention. Without distractions ruining your focus, it is easier to fall into a groove as you cruise through the course. 


Techniques like the Pomodoro technique or time management help individuals struggling with the urge to multitask. The Pomodoro method uses a timer to break work into periods of productivity and rest. Studies have proven how important breaks are for our performance and focus. By dedicating a set time for distractions, you can streamline your progress and overcome the urge to multitask. And, it can help prevent burnout and other risks to productivity. 

Complete the Continuing Education Requirements for Real Estate in Louisiana Virtually!

Online courses are perfect for completing the continuing education requirements for real estate in Louisiana. Bob Brooks School empowers students as they evolve with the latest industry trends and developments. Have questions or concerns about enrolling in one of our CE courses? Call 225-292-7277 or send us your questions online. Take your CE requirements online and register today. 

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