4 Note-Taking Tips for Your Online Insurance Course

For those used to the experience of a traditional classroom setting, online insurance courses can feel like unfamiliar territory. You may fear you will not get the same education from online insurance courses that you do in in-person classes. However, those who attend online insurance courses learn all the material they need while enjoying the benefits of an online education path. You may want to enjoy these benefits but worry about this new experience. But don’t worry! Bob Brooks School has some note-taking tips to help you ace your online insurance course.

1. Learn Your Preferences

A great place to start is learning your unique preferences for studying. Some individuals prefer using their computers while others prefer writing out their notes by hand. Neither option is incorrect as long as you are actively listening and engaging with the material. Both have their strengths! Written notes are useful for visual learners and retention. Digital notes can be written faster and edited later. Finding your preference may take some trial and error at the beginning of the course. But, it is a skill you can carry with you into your daily life.

2. Use the Pause Button During Your Online Insurance Course

One of the biggest advantages of taking an online insurance course is the ability to move at your own pace. The pause button eliminates the risk of missing vital information while writing notes. You have all the freedom to pause the lesson as you need to write information until you are ready to continue. Slowing down the learning process to your needs allows full digestion of the information at a deeper level.

3. Find the Right Balance

One common mistake with note-taking is not finding the right balance between writing too much and too little. While it may seem proactive at the time, writing too much information prevents you from actively listening to the information. A large part of your focus is being taken up by writing everything you hear instead of actually engaging in the course. But this is not to say that writing down too little is less risky. The last thing you want when reviewing the material is an empty page of notes. So, it’s up to each student to realize what should and shouldn’t be written down. This should come naturally by actively focusing on the information in your online insurance courses.

4. Color Coding

Another helpful tip for note-taking is color coding your notes. If your notes are organized and specific information is easy to locate, studying will be easier later on in the course. There is so much information covered in an online insurance course that it can pile up as you progress. By flagging groups of similar information like useful definitions or state insurance regulations with a mutual color, you can navigate the information with ease.

Are You Ready To Take Online Insurance Courses?

With these useful note-taking tips, you can begin your online insurance course with confidence. Bob Brooks School offers many online insurance courses, from prelicensing courses to CE courses and insurance title courses. And, we currently offer insurance courses in a variety of insurance fields. If you have questions about any of our online insurance courses, please call us at 225-292-7277 or send us a message online. We hope to hear from you soon!

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