Why Do You Need Home Inspector CE Courses?

Congratulations on completing your training and certification for your home inspection license! But your education isn’t over yet. In the state of Louisiana, a minimum of 30 hours for first-year inspectors and 20 hours of continuing education (CE) in the following years is necessary to maintain your license. These must be completed before the end of your licensing period. If you are searching for home inspector CE courses, find comprehensive education at Bob Brooks School! But why should you be passionate about this education, and how does it benefit you as a home inspector? Discover why our home inspector continuing education courses are vital to your career in Louisiana.

Home Inspector CE Courses Improve Your Business

Yes, continuing education is required to maintain your license. But this is not the only reason that home inspector CE courses are important to your business. As a professional, it is essential to regularly seek new knowledge. And as the field of home inspection grows and changes, you should also strive to take in new information. This helps you to become an expert in your field and grow alongside the industry. Not only will you gain the hours you need to renew your license, but you will also stay informed with valuable information as new trends and knowledge emerge each year!

This Knowledge Provides Additional Credibility

Your continuing education benefits your customers as much as it does your business. A home inspection is an important part of your client’s buying and selling process. This inspection can shine a light on issues within their home or even identify possible safety hazards or life-threatening conditions. Your clients want to receive the best quality home inspection possible—and they want to trust your credibility as a home inspector! 

With home inspector CE courses, you can strengthen your knowledge and credentials to build greater confidence with your customers. This education establishes you as a knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy source for a thorough home inspection. And if a circumstance arises where legal action is necessary, your continuing education can be essential to your testimony. In civil suits, a lack of education may be viewed as negligence. Completing your necessary continuing education hours can help to protect your business and your reputation.

Find Home Inspector CE Courses at Bob Brooks School

At Bob Brooks School, we help you find the continuing education you need in one convenient place! With our simple, in-office home inspector CE courses, you can access educational videos for up to eight daily hours of continuing education. These videos are shown at our office in Baton Rouge. Schedule your appointment with us today by calling 225-292-7277! Or, fill out our online form to begin. With over 48 years of experience, we make sure that you find the highest standard of education to help you succeed. Get started today to maintain your license with thorough continuing education from experts in the field.

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