3 Reasons You Need Online Insurance Continuing Education

In the state of Louisiana, insurance continuing education (CE) is required to maintain your license. While this extra schooling may seem tedious, it is vital to your profession. The insurance industry is ever-changing, and staying on top of trends can help you to cultivate the greatest success in the field. Yes, your continuing education is necessary. But at Bob Brooks School, we make sure that your Louisiana insurance CE courses are engaging and thorough! Here are three reasons why you need online insurance continuing education from Bob Brooks School.

1. Stay On Top of the Changing Industry

As we stated earlier, the field of insurance goes through many changes. Because of this, it is important to stay on top of any alterations to state laws and regulations. Continuing education not only keeps you up to date but also helps you to develop skills that will benefit you in your line of work. Thanks to online insurance continuing education with Bob Brooks School, you will find valuable, reputable information to complete your hours and gain useful insights into the industry.

2. Connect Better With Your Clients

Now that you know how the industry is growing and changing, you can communicate these updates to your clients! It is important to build trust with your clients. You can achieve this through strong interpersonal skills and by expanding your knowledge of insurance sales. This builds your credibility and establishes you as an expert. You are also better equipped to answer your clients’ questions and guide them to making the best decisions for their needs. 

3. Increase Your Sales Chances

Not only do these classes allow you to maintain your license, but they also give you a direct reference of your skillset and expertise. Whether you work with an insurance firm and are asking for a raise or are setting your own independent costs, showing your education and experience helps you to stand out from others in the industry. Keeping this record also makes you more valuable for future job hunting!

Online Insurance Continuing Education With Bob Brooks School

At Bob Brooks School, you can find three online package options for your insurance continuing education needs. Each package is 24 hours long. They are approved by the Louisiana Department of Insurance and consist of various topics about your field of insurance. Choose our Life and Health Package, our Property and Casualty package, or our package that blends the two. Or, we can assist you in getting your necessary hours without committing to a full package with our individual classes

The best part of our online curriculum is that you have access to our in-depth courses led by Brent Lancaster whenever your schedule allows. Whether you study during traditional schooling hours or need to set your own class structure, online insurance continuing education gives you freedom and fluidity in your studies. Have questions? We’re ready with answers! Get in touch with us today to learn about our continuing education courses and get started on the hours you need. 

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