Learn More About The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

No matter what field you’re in, there are always laws to guide how things are done. Health insurance is no different. One of the most significant changes recently has been the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, also known as ACA or Obamacare. You’ve likely heard about it before, but do you really know the ins and outs? And what do these changes mean for insurance agents? If you’ve recently decided to get a Louisiana insurance license, it’s important that you’re knowledgeable about policies and regulations that could shape the future of the field.

What Is the ACA And What’s Its Purpose?

Everyone has heard of the Affordable Care Act, even if they don’t know much about it. If you recently got your Louisiana insurance license, you may not have any experience with the impact it had on the insurance industry. And that’s okay! As educators, we’re here to help.

The Affordable Care Act was enacted in March 2010 and has three main goals. The first being to make affordable health insurance more available. The second of these goals is to expand the Medicaid program to cover all adults with income below 138% of the federal poverty level. And the third is to support medical care delivery methods that are made to lower the costs of healthcare. But how does this look for insurance companies?

What Does It Mean For Health Insurance?

There are a few things that changed for insurance companies when the ACA went into effect in 2010. For example:

  • Insurance companies cover preventative care.
  • Individuals can stay on their parent’s insurance until the age of 26.
  • Insurers cannot exclude coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, establish a lifetime limit on benefits, or drop insurance after an individual files a claim.  
  • Small businesses are also issued tax credits up to 35% for offering health insurance to employees.

These were put into place to give the insured a better healthcare experience and to help those in need get better access to healthcare.

Additionally, provisions went into effect in 2014, with a few directly affecting insurance. For example, individuals can purchase health insurance directly if their employer does not offer it, and small businesses can buy health plans.

And this is just a small portion of the changes that were made. Discover more about ACA and how it affects insurance companies with the professionals at Bob Brooks School.

Learn About ACA & Get Your Louisiana Insurance License

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Stay Up-to-Date Even After You Get Your Louisiana Insurance License

Staying on top of regulatory changes is important in the insurance field. If you have any questions for our staff, give us a call at 225.292.7277 or send us a message online, and one of our professionals will answer you soon!

Discover more information just like this in our courses and our insurance blog. We’re more than happy to help you on your journey for your Louisiana insurance license.

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