Improving Yourself Beyond Your Insurance Courses

For many jobs, it’s one thing to learn the material and understand the position. It is entirely another thing to have the right set of skills and excel in the field. Thankfully, those can be learned and built upon with the right attitude. But where do you start? Bob Brooks School is here to help you develop professionally. Discover more about how you can hone your skills after completing your online insurance courses.

Playing The Part

When it comes to business, there’s a certain role that everyone is expected to fill. When you work in the insurance industry, if you show up to work in flip-flops and shorts, mumble when you speak, and frown frequently—you’ll probably have a harder time getting the sales you need. If you get any sales at all.

When people look for an insurance agent, there is a certain image that comes to mind. For most insurance agents, it’s required to wear something business professional. Of course, when you do choose your outfit, you also need to ensure that everything matches and fits correctly. For example, if your suit happens to be a little too short or too big, it’s probably time to go shopping or to find a tailor. 

To continue, you should also make sure you’re grooming yourself properly. While not everyone assumes so, some might think less of your bright blue mohawk or unshaved face. Certain grooming styles can come off as “standoffish”, which can be detrimental to your success. 

Connecting With Your Clients

As salesmen, a part of the job is being able to talk. Luckily, as Louisianians, the concept of southern hospitality has provided this for us. Many outside the state say it seems odd that we can strike up a conversation with anyone, even a stranger at the grocery store, over the smallest things. Little did you know that this small quirk was a skill you can use in your work. 

Learn From Experience

Experience is one of the best teachers you can have. With every interaction you have on the job, there is something to learn. Sometimes it’s even helpful to write down some interactions you have.

Also, be sure to ask your coworkers questions about the job. Their insight and experience could make your job a million times easier. Learn from your coworkers so you can avoid mistakes they have made in the past. 

Enroll In Your Insurance Courses

Ready to step into the insurance world or further your education? Enroll in our online insurance courses today for your pre-licensing and continuing education courses! At Bob Brooks School, we invest in your success. So if you need any more information, make sure to check out our helpful blog.

Do you have any questions about our processes or online courses? We’re more than happy to help. Just give us a call at 225.292.7277 or send us your questions online. One of our members of staff will be with you shortly!

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