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The world of insurance is expansive and joining it could change your life for the better. Not only because you’ll increase your current skill set, but because you’re opening a whole new door of clients. And title insurance is no different. But just like any school, where you take your courses is important. Discover how title insurance could be the right change of pace for you with the pros at Bob Brooks School.

Do I Need Pre-Licensing Courses?

For homeowners, this insurance can come in handy. But, like many other lines of insurance, only individuals with a special certification can grant title insurance. So, what’s necessary for such a certification?

Well, no pre-licensing courses are necessary to take the title insurance exam—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! It never hurts to get additional education to prepare for the big day. Having more knowledge under your belt assures others that you’ve gone above and beyond for your education. And if you’re a lawyer, you know this better than anyone—dedicating years to your education.

But if pre-licensing courses aren’t necessary, what education is required for title insurance? And how much is there to take? 

Title CE Insurance License Course Options At Bob Brooks

In the state of Louisiana, those looking to keep their license through title continuing education are required to take 12 hours of classes. Because we want to offer our students the most, not only do we have a 12-hour package available, but we also support lawyers looking to fulfill their CLE. Our courses are all approved by the Louisiana Department of Insurance and are available during a 30-day subscription period. That’s more than enough time to complete your courses and begin a new chapter of your future. Take part in an insurance license course with us in Baton Rouge and see where it can take you.

Are There Different Kinds Of Title Insurance?

Yes! There are two different kinds of title insurance: owner’s and lender’s. With owner’s insurance, you’re covered for both the full price you paid for your home and any legal costs if trouble occurs. On the other hand, if you borrow money to buy your home, your lender is likely going to require you to buy a lender’s policy. The amount of coverage depends on how much you pay and ends when you pay off your mortgage. 

Take Part Of A Title Insurance Course In Baton Rouge Today!

If you want to work with title insurance, you need a solid education to help you make it there! Apply for your first class with Bob Brooks and get your education from the comfort of your home. Do you happen to have a question for one of our professionals? Send us a message online or call 225.292.7277 to get in touch with us. At Bob Brooks, we invest in your success.

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