Nonverbal Communications Lessons From A Real Estate School

There are two things that make a great salesperson. The first is mastering your craft and the second is being able to connect to customers on a human level. But how can you do that if your voice and body language don’t quite match up? As the premier real estate school in Baton Rouge, we aim to ensure our students are ready to work and communicate.

How Should I Present Myself?

You and your client may not realize they are reacting and responding to your nonverbal communication just as much as your words. For example, a client is more likely to be wary and uninterested if you are displaying unfriendly body language. Therefore, if you’re mindful of your movements, you are likely to increase your success rate.

  • Maintain eye contact but avoid staring. Maintaining eye contact with someone shows that your focus is on them. But if you stare too much, people might become uncomfortable. Keeping your eyes on them during conversations and questions is good! It means you’re engaged and care about what they’re saying. But, it’s also good to break that up with gestures towards the property that you’re showing them. That way, you have a good amount of eye contact without overdoing it.
  • Roll your shoulders back. Rolling your shoulders back ensures your body is open and makes you straighten your back. Now your posture is open and confident and people will naturally trust you more.
  • Keep a respectable distance. While you shouldn’t be standoffish, you shouldn’t be breathing down their necks either. Make sure you keep a distance of about two to three feet when talking to them. This personal space leaves a respectable buffer zone for professional conversation.
  • Have a friendly smile. It’s good to smile at your clients, but how much is too much? Don’t go overboard, but don’t keep a straight face either. Smile as if you’re talking to a friend. 
  • When talking to your client, make sure your body is facing them. If a person is truly giving another their full attention, their body, as well as their head, will be turned and facing them. Creating this stance shows clients you’re interested in their opinion and focused on them.
  • Make sure you don’t cross your arms. Crossing your arms in front of you creates a barrier between you and your client and makes you appear closed off. Keep your arms by your side and where others can see them.

Overall, just relax. Clients don’t want to feel pressured to buy, buy, buy! Emphasize the good qualities of the home you’re showing them, but just have a conversation. Keep your voice and body relaxed and your client will have a good time. Take it from the professionals at our real estate school in Baton Rouge.

Want To Find Out More Tips From A Real Estate School In Baton Rouge?

If you want to know more about any of our professional tips, please feel free to give us a call at 225.292.7277 or send us a message. We’re always willing to answer any questions our current or future students have for us. Make sure to keep up with our blog and our podcast “Brent Presents” for more professional tips from our real estate school in Baton Rouge.

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