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At Bob Brooks School, we’re always trying to improve and offer more to our students. Our Life, Health, and Accident insurance courses are better not only for you—but for your future. You want to have the best education you can, right? So why wait or take inferior classes elsewhere? Make the right decision for yourself and enroll in our online insurance classes today!

Application Requirements In Louisiana

In the insurance industry, requirements can differ for each exam depending on the type of insurance license. But for Life, Health, and Accident insurance—the process is fairly simple.

  1. Enroll and complete your pre-licensing education.
    1. Each line of insurance requires 20 hours of pre-licensing education. Because Life, Health, and Accident count as two lines you need to take 40 hours of online insurance classes.
    2. Once finished, Bob Brooks School will report your completion to PSI, the exam testing company.
  2. Register and Study for your exam.
    1. PSI will send you a link and information on how to register for your exam. Choose a testing center located near you.
    2. Keep in mind that you need a score of at least 70% to pass so don’t forget to do your review exams. Bob Brooks School includes these in all of our courses at no additional costs.
  3. Take your exam and undergo fingerprinting.
    1. Arrive at the PSI testing center at your registered date and time. Don’t forget your picture ID!
    2. Fingerprinting is a necessity for all new resident applicants. It can be done at PSI when you take your exam. The Louisiana Department of Insurance will receive these fingerprints within seven to ten days.
  4. Go to NIPR and apply for your license! The state will review your application and conduct a background check.

Following these steps, it doesn’t take long to receive approval for your license. Go forth and enjoy your career!

Take Your Online Insurance Classes From The Professionals

Don’t waste time on an education that takes hours out of your daily schedule. Bob Brooks School is an entirely online experience so you can master insurance classes on your own time and from the comfort of your home.

Ready to begin your new chapter of life? Begin our Life, Health, and Accident pre-licensing courses or send us a message if you have questions. Our professionals are available to help students with their online insurance classes, and will get back to you promptly. We invest in your success!

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