How To Get Your Insurance License In Louisiana

Becoming an insurance agent has been on your mind for longer than you’ll admit. But where do you begin? Find out not only what’s needed of you, but how you can jumpstart your new career with the professionals at Bob Brooks School.

What Do I Need To DO?

You know that you fit the bill, but where does the process begin? It may surprise you that becoming an insurance agent is done in a five-step process.

  1. Take and complete your pre-licensing education. Some individuals choose physical schools with rigid schedules, but we believe in a more flexible lifestyle at Bob Brooks.
  2. Schedule your exam. The state exams are scheduled and taken at a PSI testing center. These are located across Louisiana. Be sure to bring two forms of ID when you go.
  3. PASS your exam. We know, easier said than done. But with dedication and the right education, we know you can do it! Bob Brooks School is dedicated to making sure you are prepared for the state exams. All of our pre-licensing courses include a full, comprehensive review to help you study.
  4. Be fingerprinted. This will occur at the test site. Walk-in hours are found here.
  5. Apply for your license. Fill out this form and you’re on your way.

Congrats! You are licensed!

What Courses Do I Need To Take?

Getting a winning education is the bread and butter of getting your insurance license in Louisiana. But because there are many types of insurance agents, you need to know which one you plan to become. Each topic requires 20 hours of education, however, several topics may be on one test, resulting in more hours needed. For example, Property and Casualty insurance. These are both their own separate topics, but are often on the same exam, requiring 40 hours of education to take it. This is why we often bundle together courses to save you time and money in the long run. Currently, the courses we offer are:

We also offer the first session FREE for students who would like a trial run. Our instructor, Brent Lancaster, will guide you through these courses with the dedication you deserve. After all, we invest in your success!

Find Out More About How To Get Your Insurance License In Louisiana

Have more questions? Not a problem. Please feel free to peruse our FAQ page or contact us directly if your question isn’t listed. Bob Brooks School is an entirely online real estate and insurance school and we pride ourselves on our professionalism. Our instructor, Brent Lancaster, is always ready to help his students reach new heights. You’re not alone in an online course, you have the full attention of your instructor. So, register today and start your new career!

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