What Are The Louisiana Insurance License Requirements?

If you have helped your kids get ready for college or a big exam, you know there are a few requirements everyone must fulfill in preparation. Becoming an insurance agent is no different. When stepping up to the task, you need to level with yourself. What is needed of me? What’s the task at hand? This can become overwhelming to take on all at once. But let those worries fade away because at Bob Brooks School we invest in your success! Let us help you become an insurance agent, starting with the Louisiana insurance license requirements.

Where Do I Need To Begin?

So you want to become an insurance agent in Louisiana? We can help with that! When you’re new to a field, it’s hard to know where to begin, but our professionals will direct you to success. To qualify for a license as a Louisiana resident, you need to fulfill these requirements:

  • Be at least 18
  • Complete your pre-licensing education and exam
  • Be fingerprinted
  • Submit all forms and fees
  • Pass a background check.

Pretty simple right? But how do you begin? Find out from our professionals about fulfilling all your Louisiana insurance license requirements.

Louisiana’s Education Requirements

Certain kinds of agents need to pass an exam and each exam requires a different amount of education. At the current date, the education requirements are:

  • Life only: 20 hours
  • Health and accident only: 20 hours
  • Life, health, and accident: 40 hours
  • Property only: 20 hours
  • Casualty only: 20 hours
  • Property and casualty: 40 hours
  • Personal lines: 20 hours
  • Bail bonds: 8 hours

At Bob Brooks School, we offer pre-licensing education for Life, Health and Accident, Life, Health & Accident, Property and Casualty, and Personal lines. All of these licenses require you to complete your education, pass your state exam, give fingerprints, and submit your license application to receive your license. When it’s down on paper, it’s actually a rather simple process.

Wait, You Need My Fingerprints?

It’s true, all first-time resident producers and adjusters must give fingerprints to receive their license. But don’t worry about having to go to another facility, fingerprinting is performed by the license testing vendor PSI. No appointment is necessary because of this. Fees for this service are paid for at the testing site also.

There are a few reasons why a person wouldn’t need to undergo fingerprinting. If someone is not a resident, they are already licensed and are adding a new license type or line of authority, or if they are reinstating within two years of the lapse fingerprinting is not needed.

These fingerprints will typically make their way to the Louisiana Department of Insurance within seven to ten days. After this, you can apply for your license and be on your way to your new job!

Doing Our Part To Help You Fulfill The Louisiana Insurance License Requirements

Bob Brooks is happy to lend a hand to our students. We want to help you pass your licensing exam with flying colors! After all, we invest in your success. So, check out our insurance courses today and take your pre-licensing courses online.

Have a question for us about the Louisiana insurance license requirements? Call us at 225.292.7277 or utilize our contact page. Our students are our priority and we look forward to hearing from you.

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