Important “Soft Skills” for Insurance Agents

There are some things that you learn from experience on the job. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start educating yourself on how to become successful in insurance. For example, if you’ve never been in sales you may not know that it takes more than a conversation to be successful. Knowing how to interact with clients properly can make or break a sale. If you want a well-rounded education in insurance, invest your time in Bob Brooks School. We offer more than just real estate and insurance classes online—we invest in your success.

When Talking Is More Than Words

Have you ever been to a play or an opera performance? If you have and have a keen ear, you may have noticed the actors over-pronounce words. This is for a good reason. Because actors have to speak loud enough that the entire room can hear them, they have to pronounce words as clearly as possible. In simpler terms, this is called “diction.” And just like actors, good diction is useful for your career every single day.

To avoid misunderstandings and repeating yourself, it’s best to speak clearly when talking to clients. Of course, you don’t want to look silly, but there is a good middle ground. One way to improve your diction is talking slower. Not too slow—but slow enough that your client can hear what you’re saying clearly. Other practices such as tongue twisters and practicing sharp consonants are a good way to hone your enunciation. And, in your free time, why not watch videos of public speakers or performers? Find the right client voice for you to speak as clearly as possible.

Knowing How To Make Conversation

When people connect, it’s much easier to talk about business. Trust us—your clients are nervous to talk about their insurance needs. It is your job to break the ice and make the client feel comfortable. It takes a healthy balance of mixing small talk and business information in a conversation. For example, don’t leave room for any pauses. Long pauses when you’re searching for something can often increase a feeling of awkwardness. So take this time to make some small talk and get to know them on a personal level! 

Find a topic that is general enough that most people can talk about it or that you can connect on. Ask your client about their job or about their kids. Remember, the voice at the other end of your conversation is more than just a potential sale—they’re a person. Making that connection will help your prospects become more comfortable. You both might even enjoy the interaction!

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