Can You Complete Your Online Insurance Classes in One Summer?

Are you interested in becoming a licensed insurance agent in Louisiana? Do you want to get it done quickly and conveniently? Good news! Online insurance classes through Bob Brooks School can help. Not only do they provide an efficient way to learn, but with dedicated effort and careful scheduling, many students have completed their licensing requirements over one summer. Learn what steps to take as well as tips and advice on getting your Louisiana insurance license efficiently.

What Do I Need to Get My Insurance License?

As of June 2022, Louisiana prelicensing education is no longer required before taking the licensing exam. However, taking these courses can greatly increase your understanding of the career and improve your chances of passing your exam. Bob Brooks School offers five course options, depending on the type of insurance field you are interested in pursuing. Choose from the following prelicensing courses:

If you aren’t sure which course is right for you, we offer a free trial for your first session to ensure you love our system.

Post-Education: The Next Steps

After finishing your education course, it’s time to pass your licensing exam. Next, you will need to take your examination through the PSI Testing Excellence website. Depending on the type of insurance exam, your test could take up an hour and 40 minutes to complete. You must score at least 70% to pass the exam. After scheduling and completing an onsite exam, you will immediately receive your notice of pass or failure.

Once you pass your exam, you must pass a background check and apply for a license. Submit your application through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) website. You can renew your license in two years through the same site. Finally, pay the appropriate licensing fees, which vary based on the lines of authority you wish to sell.

Can I Finish My Classes & Get Licensed in One Summer?

Yes! You can become a licensed insurance agent within the summer with drive and focus. The time it takes to complete your prelicensing classes depends on the course you choose and how your pace yourself with your studies. The Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Personal Lines courses from Bob Brooks School are 20-hour courses, while our other courses are 40 hours. Each course package gives you a 60-day subscription to the course. During that time, you can log out and back in right where you left off at any time! With focused studies, completing your prelicensing education within a few weeks is possible.

Simple Tips for Focusing on Your Course Material

If you want to complete your online insurance classes in one summer, putting beneficial study habits in place ahead of time is essential. These tips for studying and focusing can help set you up for success.

  • Set a study schedule. Designate a specific time each day to focus on studying, and try to eliminate any distractions.
  • Create a study space. Set up a dedicated area to focus and be productive, like a home office or coffee shop. Make sure it’s quiet, well-lit, and free from any distractions.
  • Take breaks. Breaks can help you stay focused and may prevent burnout. Take short breaks as needed to recharge and avoid mental fatigue.
  • Stay engaged. Stay engaged with the material by actively taking notes and asking questions when necessary. These practices can help you better understand the material and retain information more effectively.
  • Take care of yourself! Ensure you get enough rest, eat well, and exercise regularly. A healthy body and mind are essential for effective studying and learning.

The online insurance classes through Bob Brooks School allow you to take your course at your own pace. But, setting good study habits can help you focus on your goals and finishes your class in no time!

Start Your Online Insurance Classes Today

Obtaining your insurance license can open up a variety of exciting career opportunities. And the process doesn’t have to take long! It’s possible to complete all of your online insurance classes within one summer. The first step is to begin your prelicensing education through Bob Brooks School. If you have questions about our courses or instructors, message us today. You can also speak with us in person by calling 225-292-7277. Let us help jumpstart your new career path as an insurance agent.

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