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What better time to start a new insurance career than with the start of a new decade? But why should you choose a career in insurance? What can insurance provide you and your way of life? A lot more than you might think! Find out how a career in insurance may be the change you need. Take the first step in getting your insurance license with an online insurance pre-licensing class with Bob Brooks School in Baton Rouge!

Why Should You Choose Insurance?

One of the best ways to decide on a career path is to determine how it aligns with your strengths and goals towards the future. We have compiled some key advantages of having a career in insurance. 

  • Stability. Many industries come and go and change with the times. But insurance is here to stay. We all need it for our homes, our cars, and even our lives. 
  • Open jobs. As more people are retiring, jobs are opening up. Positions are ripe for the taking—you could establish yourself at a great company. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, insurance agent positions have an outlook of a 10% increase in the next eight years. This rate is higher than other industry averages and proves that the industry will continue to blossom.
  • Leaving monotony. Insurance is one of those industries where no two days are the same. Clients vary as well as their problems. If you like finding creative, strategic solutions and staying on your toes this is the field for you. 
  • Helping others. There’s a unique satisfaction whenever you are able to help a new client. You’ll use your problem-solving muscles when you take on your new profession.
  • Flexibility. No matter if you’re working full-time or as a supplement to your income, flexibility is a big part of insurance. Depending on your schedule, your appointments can vary, leaving you with time to get other things done.

There’s a multitude of reasons to choose insurance as your occupation. What’s yours? Once you discover it, begin your journey with online courses at Bob Brooks School. Take your courses from anywhere in the world!

Start Your Insurance Pre-licensing Classes At Our Online Baton Rouge School!

Ready to make a change? Enroll with Bob Brooks School and start your insurance pre-licensing classes online from anywhere in the world. If you have any questions, give us a call at 225.292.7277 or send us a message online. We’re always ready to offer a helping hand to current and future students. We invest in your success. So succeed today with the help of Bob Brooks.

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