Skills Needed to be Successful In Addition to Insurance Courses

Top Skills You Need Before You Begin Your Insurance Courses

Before you start your career it’s important to ask yourself: Is this the right path for me? Without the right research, you may start something that isn’t right for you. That being said, it’s best to know BEFORE you start what skills and qualities make for a successful insurance agent. Get all the tips and tricks you need from the professionals at Bob Brooks School and begin your insurance courses in Louisiana.

Communication Is Key

No matter what kind of insurance agent you are, you are trying to sell a service. With the right communication skills, you’ll have a much easier time doing your job. But where do you begin? Specifically, what skills do you need?

    • Customer service. This skill is invaluable in any position requiring you to talk to clients. It’s a strong base in the world of an insurance agent as they need to speak with clients day in and day out. Are you comfortable with people? Can you connect? 
    • Articulate speech. Since you have to speak to people all day, it won’t do any good if they cannot understand you. Make sure you’re speaking loud and clear so your clients can hear what you’re saying.
    • Nonverbal skills. Just as important as verbal communication, nonverbal covers more than 90% of communication. Do you know how you appear to other people? Is your energy overbearing? Take a step back and be calm—the way you appear can make or break a possible lead.


  • Teamwork. You work with everyone as an insurance agent. Your coworkers, your company, and even your clients. You all want the same thing: a mutually beneficial agreement. 


  • Honesty. Even if you reel in a client using backward tactics, they won’t stay long once they realize you were lying. Be honest and upfront with them from the beginning. This will establish trust. 

Other Necessary Soft Skills

While communication is a big part of working as an agent, there’s much more to it. Do you know the other soft skills you’ll need to succeed? Don’t worry if you’re lost—we can help. We’re here to help with the development of your hard and soft skills.

  • Professionalism. People enjoy working with someone who knows when it’s time to get to work. Not only on the client side but also from a coworker perspective. Know when it’s time to get to work and do it like a well-oiled machine.
  • Writing skills. Clients and coworkers alike need to understand your goals. Just like your speaking should be clear, make sure your writing is as well.
  • Teamwork. You work with everyone as an insurance agent. Your coworkers, your company, and even your clients. You all want the same thing: a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Attention to detail. There are so many little things that factor into an insurance policy. Are you the type of person who doesn’t miss a single detail? 
  • Adaptability. When things don’t turn out as we plan, we need to change tactics and modify. Don’t panic—with a little collaboration, you’ll find a new way to suit everyone.

Get The Skills You Need In Our Online Insurance Courses

Are you ready to start your path into the world of insurance? Get in touch with Bob Brooks and enroll in Louisiana insurance courses. If you have questions for our professionals before you begin, send us a message online or give a call to 225.292.7277. We can’t wait to see you succeed!

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