Why to Choose Bob Brooks School for Your Realtor CE Courses

If you’re a real estate agent or realtor, you should already know that continuing education courses are a necessary part of maintaining your real estate license. Real estate agents complete several hours of CE training each year in order to renew their licenses. At Bob Brooks School, we offer the real estate classes that professionals depend on. So, if you are a licensed real estate agent or realtor seeking CE courses in Louisiana, trust Bob Brooks School to help you find what you are looking for. Learn more about the advantages that a Bob Brooks School education offers for today’s professionals. Also, find out how our online education options make it easier than ever for real estate agents and realtors to take the classes they need.

What Bob Brooks School Offers Real Estate Pros

If you’ve been a real estate professional for years, then you’ve already taken care of your pre-licensing and post-licensing education requirements. But, according to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission, you must still complete the 12-hour continuing education requirements every year to keep your license maintained. Additionally, these courses must be completed through an LREC-certified real estate vendor in order to count toward license renewal eligibility. Bob Brooks School is an LREC-certified vendor that has helped real estate agents meet their professional goals for decades. And, we are ready to help today’s Louisiana real estate agents and realtors meet their CE requirements as well.

Courses That Suit Your Learning Style

The lives of real estate agents can be incredibly busy. Maintaining multiple appointments and driving from one location to the next can be stressful at times. At Bob Brooks School, we understand the demands of the job, which is why our CE courses are available in a convenient online format. We offer online classes that enable students to learn at their own pace. And all it takes is a smart device, computer, or laptop and access to the Internet. However, if you prefer a more traditional learning experience in an online format, we also offer OnLive™ CE classes. With OnLive™, courses are streamed live at specific times throughout the day. And the best part? Active participation is all that’s needed to receive credit, so you don’t have to worry about taking a test at the end! View our OnLive™ calendar to find the courses that suit your needs best.

No Commute, Your Classes Come to You

Of course, if you’re a real estate agent or realtor, one of the biggest benefits of choosing Bob Brooks School for your CE courses in Louisiana is that you can skip the commute. That means no dashing across town or being stuck on the road during heavy traffic hours to make it to your class. Instead, you can take your required CE courses from the comfort of your home, office, or practically anywhere with Wi-Fi.

Are You a Realtor Looking for CE Courses in Louisiana?

If you’re a real estate agent or realtor looking for CE courses in Louisiana, trust Bob Brooks School to meet your needs. We have helped real estate professionals fulfill their educational requirements for decades, and we are ready to help you. Give us a call at 225-292-7277 or contact us online. Discover the effectiveness and convenience of online real estate CE courses for yourself.

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