2023 Guide to the Real Estate Continuing Education Exam

As a real estate professional, there are certain requirements you have to meet each year to keep your license. One of these requirements is completing the mandatory 12 hours of CE coursework before the calendar year ends. A real estate agent can take advantage of online CE courses in Shreveport to help complete their requirements in no time. Below is our guide for what you need to do this year regarding your CE completion. 

Mandatory Courses

Although the state of Louisiana requires 12 hours of coursework, some of these hours must be earned from Mandatory course topics assigned by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission.

In 2023, all licensees must complete the 4-hour LREC 2023 Mandatory Course. Salespersons can choose the other eight hours of elective courses to complete their 12-hour requirement. 

However, there is an additional Mandatory course for all individual Brokers and Associate Brokers titled LREC 2023 BROKER Mandatory. Brokers may choose elective topics to complete the remaining four hours of required education. Eight of the required 12 hours must be earned in the Mandatory topics for Brokers and Associate Brokers. 

Nonetheless, each type of license only needs to complete 12 hours of total education in the calendar year.

(Link can be found here: https://lrec.gov/current-licensees/salesperson-broker/continuing-education-requirements/)

The best part about taking CE courses online is that you can take them whenever and wherever. There’s no need to carve out driving time or schedule in-person classes around your busy schedule. Just set up your online device wherever you can study the best and you’re ready to learn. Each course is comprised of reading materials, video presentations, and quizzes to help you retain the material. At the end of each course, you will need to pass a final exam to receive your certificate of completion. 

Studying Tips

Even though you have a year to complete your courses, it’s not wise to wait till the last minute to get them done. Especially because all of your CE courses need to be completed by December 31st in Louisiana. Because you need 12 credit hours of CE courses, and each of our courses is 4 credit hours long. This gives you plenty of time to work our courses into your schedule. Try taking one course every month or a few, whichever is preferable for you.

Completing Your Courses

Once you complete your courses, you’re set for the calendar year. Bob Brooks School will report your CE course completions to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission on your behalf, so there’s no need to worry about submitting or filling out forms. Because you have a full calendar year to complete your CE courses, you don’t have to worry about completing all 12 hours of courses before renewing your license. Keep in mind that any extra courses you take do not roll over in the new year and cannot be applied to the next year’s requirements. 

Kickstart Your 2023 Real Estate Agent CE Courses in Shreveport Today

Start prepping to complete your CE course sooner rather than later. Take a look at the courses we have to offer, including the 2023 mandatory course(s). And, we also offer a bundle discount if you want to purchase your full 12 credit hours at once. If you have any questions, you can reach us at (225) 292-7277 or send us an online message. Meet your annual real estate CE agent requirements in Shreveport the way you want to with online courses from Bob Brooks School.

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