2023 Guide for the Louisiana Real Estate Prelicensing Test

If you’re considering a career in real estate, you’ll need to pass the Louisiana real estate prelicensing exam. This exam can be intimidating—but it doesn’t have to be. With the proper preparation, you can easily pass the prelicensing test. Read on for tips and tricks to best prepare for the 2023 prelicensing exam with Bob Brooks School

Complete the Louisiana Real Estate Prelicensing Education Requirements

To obtain a real estate license in Louisiana from the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC), you must complete a mandatory prelicensing education course. As long as individuals enroll with an LREC state-certified real estate school, they may take the course online or in person. Consider the many benefits of online education before making your decision.

Bob Brooks School offers a certified 90-hour Louisiana Real Estate Salesperson Prelicensing Course. Our course includes access to high-quality reading material, video presentations, and quizzes during the 90-day subscription. For students who prefer to take their time, we also offer 30-day extensions. 

For students to prove they have completed the education requirements, they will receive a certificate upon passing the exam. To qualify for the licensing exam, they must submit this certificate to the LREC. 

Register for the Exam

Once individuals submit their certification and the Initial Real Estate Salesperson License Application—Part A form, it will begin processing. Once the LREC finishes processing the application, individuals will receive an email with instructions to schedule their exam date and time. 

Prepare for the Exam

The first step in preparing for any test is understanding what’s on it. Being well-prepared on exam day can help you avoid failure. 

The Louisiana real estate prelicensing exam typically consists of over 100 multiple-choice questions divided into the national and state sections. Individuals are given up to three hours to complete. Like most states, Louisiana requires a minimum score of 70% or higher to pass. So make sure you are familiar with all relevant topics before taking the exam. 

Studying Effectively With Responsible Study Habits

It’s important not to cram for this test—you want to give yourself plenty of time to study and cover all necessary material. Start by reviewing your notes from your prelicensing course and taking practice exams online.

Bob Brooks School’s Ready. Set. Pass! program includes state and national exam simulations to help you prepare for the exam. It’s included with our online prelicensing course! After you receive your certificate, start taking the practice exams regularly; the instructor recommends scoring 80% or higher consistently so that you are prepared for the exam. 

Practice Exam Time Management 

One of the essential skills needed for this test is effective time management. After all, it’s not just about what you know but also how quickly you can answer questions correctly! So make sure that when taking practice exams, you are timing yourself. Then, you can adjust accordingly on test day by skipping over more complex questions and returning to them later if time permits.  

Order Background Checks and Submit Forms 

Once individuals pass the licensing exam, they must undergo a background check. It can be ordered through your MyLREC Portal. Individuals must submit Real Estate Salesperson License Application—Part B and Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance coverage during this time.

Once this is completed, it’s time to find a sponsoring broker. Always take the time to find the right broker for you during your search. They will act as your mentor and help you create a foundation for your career. Therefore, knowing how to find the best mentor for your needs is incredibly important.

Bob Brooks School Has the Resources You Need to Help You Achieve Your Goals!

With proper preparation and dedication, passing a Louisiana real estate prelicensing test should be no problem! Bob Brooks School has invaluable resources for all upcoming real estate agents as they approach the exam. Our online school is motivated by helping our students develop and create successful careers with the help of our online courses. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at (225) 292-7677 or send us a message online. Best of luck on your upcoming real estate prelicensing test!

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