How Much Does a Real Estate School Near Me Cost?

Working in real estate can be a rewarding and potentially lucrative career. In order to do this, you must pass a licensing exam provided by an officially approved real estate school. There are many factors to consider when deciding on your best path—the cost of your real estate school being especially important. You may be wondering, “What does real estate school near me cost?” There are upfront and recurring costs associated with gaining and maintaining a license. Finding the right real estate school near you can give you a firm foundation on which to build your career. At the Bob Brooks School, we are committed to providing a quality education for an affordable cost.

How Much Does Real Estate School Near Me Cost?

If you are considering a career in this field, it is required by state governments to become a licensed realtor. The first step towards becoming a licensed real estate agent is to complete a pre-licensing course. These courses will vary in price, but they typically cost $299. A course like this will be taken at your own pace over a 90-day period. This type of convenience is only available through an online real estate school with courses you can complete in your own home. 

In addition to this stage of your education, you will also be required to pass state and national licensing exams. These provide a benchmark to ensure that all real estate agents are equipped with the information they need to be successful. Study materials and resources are available through our Ready. Set. Pass! exam prep guide. 

How Much Does a Post-Licensing Course Cost?

After you have passed your pre-licensing course, you must complete your post-licensing course. Finding post-licensing courses from a real estate school near you at an affordable cost is easy with Bob Brooks School. Our online course costs $110 and can also be done through a remote real estate school. This course must be finished within 180 days of completing a pre-license course and within a 60-day period of starting your post-licensing classes. At this stage, you will build upon the fundamentals for a more holistic view of the real estate industry. 

How Much Do Continuing Education Courses Cost?

After completing the necessary courses and exams, you will be required by the Louisiana Real Estate Commision to take yearly courses to keep your license. These continuing education courses keep you up to date on the changes made to laws and regulations throughout the year. Access to these courses can be purchased individually for $24.99 or be purchased at a bundled discount. They can be taken periodically during a 12-month period or taken closer together. 

Start Learning With Online Real Estate School Today!

With the right information, you can make an informed decision regarding your enrollment in a real estate school near you at a cost you can afford. With the lower cost and increased convenience of an online school, you can achieve your goals faster. Please call us at (225) 292-7277 or contact us through our website if you have any questions or concerns. We wish you the best of luck as you start your new journey as a licensed real estate agent.

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