What Else Does Our Real Estate School Offer?

If you’ve been following Bob Brooks School and checking out our blog, you know that we invest in our students. But do you know everything we have to offer our students? While we may be well known as an online real estate school in New Orleans and beyond, we have so much more to offer our students! Discover what we have to offer potential students and see if we can help you in your journey to a new career.

Real Estate Education and Beyond!

Let’s take a look at our education. Currently, we can offer potential real estate students an education in pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education. And while we are currently only offering these courses for the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, we’re always looking to expand! 

But while real estate may be the industry we’re most known for, we actually serve a number of other industries as well. The next biggest being insurance. Unlike real estate, however, insurance isn’t quite as cut and dry. There are actually many different types of insurance and insurance education. Currently, we only offer insurance courses in the state of Louisiana, but we can offer pre-licensing and continuing education for various types of insurance. Additionally, we also have title insurance courses available for those who want to increase their knowledge.

To continue, we also have continuing education courses for three more industries. Our contractor continuing education courses are currently only for Louisiana contractors. Take your choice of our three classes! But, just a note, contractors are not allowed to take the same CE course in consecutive years. We also have insurance adjuster courses available in Louisiana. Pick your choice of our 24-hour package or individual courses.

On another note, we also have home inspector continuing education courses so you can earn your credit. Fill out this form to begin with us.

Check Out Our Podcast

At Bob Brooks School, we want to share knowledge as much as possible with the wide reach of the internet. That’s also why we have additional resources to help both students and non-students, such as our podcast. Our podcast, Brent Presents, features our instructor, Brent Lancaster. In every episode, Brent shares nearly two decades of knowledge that he has in order to better any industry he can. Listen in as he interviews professionals from numerous industries. You never know if you might learn something that could change the way you work.

Currently, you can listen to Brent Presents on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Spotify, and more! Any way to get the word out.

Begin With Our Online Real Estate School in New Orleans

Are you ready to make a change in your education? Begin courses with our online real estate school from the comfort of your home in New Orleans. We invest in your future success!

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