6 Time Management Tips for Online Real Estate Courses

The Bob Brooks School looks forward to starting you on the path to becoming a licensed real estate agent in Louisiana and Mississippi! Our online classes give you the freedom to complete your courses anytime, anywhere. For some, a freeform schedule poses many challenges with motivation and time management. We want to share a few simple tips to make the process easier and help you make progress with your online real estate courses.

Simplify Your Online Real Estate Courses With These Tips

Setting aside the time to study and focus on your courses can be much more difficult than you think. You may fight against distractions in your home. A lack of motivation may also come into play. How can you combat these hurdles as you work to finish your online real estate courses? Here are six tips to help you with time management.

1. Set Goals and Milestones

The beauty of online real estate courses is the ability to set your own pace. However, this can also make it easy to neglect your studies. Start by setting a schedule and regular goals. Once you have your study plan, stick to it! This can help you avoid procrastination or getting behind in your classes. Once you reach each milestone, reward yourself with something special! A treat, a movie night, or a playdate with your children are all fantastic incentives to push you through your studies.

2. Find a Study Partner

Do you have a friend or family member who is also interested in getting their real estate license? See if you can take your online courses at the same time! This way, you have accountability and encouragement as you take your classes. When it comes time to take your licensing exam, you can study together to help you retain information and refresh before the big test. Even if you don’t have a fellow student to study with, you aren’t at a loss. Make flashcards of important information as you work through your online real estate courses. Then, have your spouse, friend, or family member quiz you.

3. Avoid the Urge to Multitask

We know that your life can get busy. When meal prepping or exercising and keeping up with little ones, you may feel the need to multitask. However, multitasking has been shown to not be as productive as you expect. Each extra task that you perform as you listen to your online courses pulls your attention away from the course material. If possible, focus on one task at a time. This way, you can retain the highest level of information during your studies.

4. Strike a Balance Between School and Life

It can be tempting to put off your studies in light of a social event or personal activity. When appropriate, prioritize progress on your online real estate courses over outside invitations. Disconnect from distractions as much as possible to give your focus the best fighting chance. Balance is key, however, and spending time with loved ones is necessary. This is where your study schedule is essential. Honor your daily schooling time, and leave space for a family dinner, a night out, or taking care of tasks and errands.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep, and Start Your Day Early

We know that timing can vary depending on your lifestyle. You may be working around children’s schedules or office hours. If possible, start your day a little earlier than usual to dedicate time to your online classes. Or, set aside time before bed to focus on course material. Just make sure to give yourself time to get plenty of restful sleep so that you are refreshed and fueled for the next day.

6. Remember Your Big Picture

You started your courses for a reason. Take the time to look at your studies as a whole. Remember why you decided to begin online real estate courses. Restate your ultimate goal, and focus on what steps are necessary to reach it. With this in mind, you can fuel your passion and drive for completing your classes and limiting distractions. 

Get Your Real Estate License With Bob Brooks School

The Bob Brooks School is your source for online real estate courses in Louisiana and Mississippi. Whether you are searching for pre-licensing, post-licensing, or continuing education, we have courses available for every student. Our online classes fit into your schedule and can be taken at the pace that is right for you. Contact us today toll-free at 1-800-448-5693, or reach out to us on our website. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you get started with your real estate courses!

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