What Happens After Real Estate School?

If you are interested in real estate school or additional real estate courses in Lake Charles, find online education with Bob Brooks School. You can start your journey to becoming a licensed real estate agent in Louisiana and Mississippi. For those who have completed their real estate schooling and passed their exam, congratulations! It’s now time to connect with a brokerage, make beneficial connections, and build your foundation. Today, we’re sharing your next actionable steps.

Here Are a Few Next-Steps

Now that you’ve finished your schooling and passed your licensing exam, you’re all ready to go, right? Well, not just yet. There are a few key steps to take before you can start showing and selling homes. Start with joining a brokerage, and then take the necessary measures to build your reputation as a real estate agent. Here’s what you need to do after finishing real estate school to begin your business in real estate.

Join a Brokerage Firm

You may be ready to dive headfirst into the world of real estate sales, but your first stop on the path is joining a brokerage firm. Choose the right firm for you in your area by researching their reputation. Determine if their business model aligns with your goals. Take the time to research and speak with members of the brokerage to determine if they are a good fit for you. They will help to guide you in the early stages of your career and establish a strong foundation for future growth.

Establish Your Online & Offline Presence

It’s time to get your name out there. Start by creating a website to create your presence. Show high-resolution images of the homes you are listing. Include forms for your interested applicants to contact you through. Make sure that the design is eye-catching to keep your viewers engaged. Aside from your web presence, you will need business cards and a professional wardrobe to make the best impression when viewing clients in person. Take part in community events, and consider joining groups like the National Association of REALTORS® to expand your opportunities.

Determine Your Budget

We listed several necessary items above that will help boost your reputation. Your marketing will also come at a personal cost, so prepare accordingly. Plan for these expenses by determining a yearly budget to manage your expenses. Keep your license renewal courses and continuing education in mind, as well. Remember—you are beginning and maintaining your own business. Invest your time and funds wisely to grow and promote success!

Find Other Real Estate Agents to Network With

Networking has many positive benefits for new real estate agents. You meet others with like-minded interests. You can be exposed to other business opportunities. You may even find a mentor. Strive to network with industry professionals, attorneys, and clients as well as other real estate agents. Open houses, lunchtime socials with colleagues, and attending local conferences are all fantastic ways to expand your contacts. 

Ready to Start Real Estate School in Lake Charles?

Are you ready to begin your career in real estate? Or, are you in need of post-licensing or continuing education courses? The Bob Brooks School has everything you need to become a reputable, licensed real estate agent in Louisiana and Mississippi. Contact us today at 1-800-448-5693 to learn more, or message us online to get started. Set your own pace with our online classes and begin paving the way to your future career!

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