What Is the Cost of Real Estate School in Louisiana?

Are you ready to embark on a new career in real estate? One of the first steps is to attend a real estate school. If you live in Louisiana, you may be wondering, “How much does a real estate school near me cost?”After all, traditional colleges can cost several thousands of dollars each semester for up to four or five years. If you want to start a new career, the time and the amount of money it takes to begin can be crucial factors to consider. Learn more about the cost of a real estate education with Bob Brooks School.

Does Real Estate School Cost As Much as Traditional Colleges?

Because real estate school is focused on training students for a new career in real estate, it has a few advantages over other options. One of the biggest advantages is the difference in cost between a traditional four-year degree and the cost of completing real estate school. For the 2022-2023 school year, the average cost of tuition and fees for four-year public colleges was over $10,000 per semester for in-state students. It nearly tripled for out-of-state students at $28,240.

How Much Does a Real Estate School Near Me Cost?

By comparison, real estate school offers a far more affordable alternative. If you want to know what a real estate school near you might cost, you can start with Bob Brooks School’s real estate pre-licensing program. Right off the bat, we offer six free lessons to help you get a better understanding of the industry to decide if it’s right for you. 

If you want to proceed with prelicensing courses, as of 2024, we’re offering a 90-hour course at $299. This is a fraction of the cost of a single semester at most universities. 

After completing this course and the exam review (which is included for free with the 90-hour course), you can sign up to take your licensing exam and potentially start a new career in less than half a year. 

So, if you don’t want to spend years and thousands of dollars chasing a diploma just to start a new career, it’s worthwhile to consider what a real estate school near you would cost by comparison. And, with Bob Brooks School, you get the advantage of a quality education with the convenience of online learning — no commute necessary!

Now That You Know What Real Estate School Costs, Why Not Try It for Free?

If you are thinking about becoming a real estate salesperson, Bob Brooks School offers six free lessons to get you started. And, to make things easier and less stressful, we don’t require a credit card to sign up. So, if you’ve been considering a new career, today is the day to take that first step toward your professional future. Contact us online or call us at 225-292-7277 if you have any questions. Let us help you reach the next level in your professional journey.

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